Expert Analysis of SEO & Social Media Internet Marketing

Raising brand awareness and generating leads partially relies on publishing content and promoting it using social media. In this way, social media and content should work hand-in-hand in any online marketing strategy. This article takes a brief look at the various areas of social marketing including blogging, RSS feeds, social search, social bookmarking, social networking and micro blogging.

In order to understand and reap the benefits of content and social media marketing, you will need to familiarize yourself with its hierarchy. Success comes not only with publishing great content: is also comes with knowing how to increase the exposure of that content by using the various channels that are available to you. While any online marketing strategy starts with your corporate website, a large part of your social marketing and engagement with your brand online will start with your blog.

1— Blogging
Your blog is the main starting point for your brand’s journey into the lucrative world of social media. Designed to encourage conversation and keep people coming back for more, a great blog is something that people should be talking about on social media and via the comments on the blog itself. Your blog serves as the hub of your entire content strategy by providing your information-hungry audience with what they want. As the gateway to social media, your blog should be accessible, relevant and constantly updated in order to nurture your subscribers and reach out to new ones.

2— RSS Feeds
Short for Really Simple Syndication, RSS feeds allow your visitors to subscribe to your blog so that they receive updates whenever you post new content. Every blog should provide an RSS feed so that the most dedicated members of your audience can stay in the loop. Adding an RSS feed to your, blog couldn’t be simpler, particularly if you use the popular Word Press platform, which automatically generates RSS feeds. WordPress users can find their RSS feeds by adding Weed’ to their blog’s URL.

3—Social Search
In spite of revolutionizing the way in which people search the Web, many companies are still failing to recognize the importance of social search. Social search engines, such as Google Social Search, allow people to receive customized results based on their browsing habits and geographical location. In order to tap into the constantly expanding social search audience, your content needs to be relevant and authoritative. Social search engines draw SEO expert data from the social network that determines a company’s reputation, such as likes, shares, reviews and ratings.

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4 —Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking websites serve as discovery engines that recommend websites based on interests and other criteria. People use these services to share bookmarks of WebPages and annotate and edit them. Popularized by the launch of Delicious in 2003, social bookmarking has now become an essential part of the hierarchy of social media marketing. Companies can get involved by creating profiles on sites like Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon and sharing new content as it is published. Other major social networks, such as Facebook, also facilitate bookmarking to a degree.

5 —Social Networking
Whereas social bookmarking websites have a more specific focus, it is the social networks that serve as the main platforms of communication. Facebook is by far the most popular, though Google+ and Linkedln are also too important to ignore. Like social bookmarking services, the social networks allow you to post and share content, but they are also far more conversation-orientated than social bookmarking websites. Your social networking profiles exist not only to promote your blog content, but also t o share other content and to engage in conversation with your audience.

6 —Microblogging
Twitter is the world’s number one micro blogging platform, and it is unique in that virtually everything is restricted to 140 characters. For this reason, shared links typically need to use a URL shortener in order to save space. Twitter is the ultimate platform for posting quick but important updates pertaining to your company, including updates about new content posted on your blog. Micro blogging is extremely dynamic, requiring frequent monitoring and posting as well as engagement through sharing and commenting.

Understanding the various levels of content and social marketing will help you to approach your online marketing strategy in such a way that you can reach out to the largest audience and make your content as profitable as possible. By raising awareness and encouraging engagement through great content and its promotion on social media, you’ll be able to generate leads and establish your brand as an authority in its niche.

EF Bristol, England – UK – Info Video

EF Bristol, England – UK – Info Video
Learn more about EF Bristol at

Bristol has been one of the most important cities in England for nearly a thousand years. But the gorgeous medieval city has morphed into one of the hippest university cities in the U.K. With one million people in the area, Bristol is a great centre for culture and learning. It’s home to art, fashion, creative media and an ultra hip music scene.

In the centre of the city is the beautiful Queen Square from 1699. The Northern side of the square is dominated by the historic Custom House. Today this well-known heritage building is home to a very modern language centre: EF Bristol.

EF International Language Centre Bristol
Custom House, Queen Square
Bristol BS1 4JQ
United Kingdom
(44) 117 930 3500

KLM Cityhopper Stoel 1A Europe Business Class vlucht naar Bristol in een Embraer 190

KLM Cityhopper Stoel 1A Europe Business Class vlucht naar Bristol in een Embraer 190
We hebben ons laten verleiden en hebben een last minute upgrade bij het inchecken gekocht. Dat viel niet tegen! Inclusief toegang tot de KLM Crown Lounge! We vlogen met KLM Cityhopper en zaten op stoelen 1A en C in Europe Business Class! We vlogen overigens naar Bristol om een nachtdienst mee te draaien met de plaatselijke politie! Neem ook even een kijkje naar onze andere video’s, we vliegen veel!

Illegal Activity – Award Winning Short Film

Illegal Activity – Award Winning Short Film
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Illegal Activity is an action-packed drama set in a rough housing estate in London, yet nothing on the block is quite how it seems. We follow Winston a street level dealer and his crew for one day, witnessing the devastating effect their trade has on the block. Society is crumbling, families unravel and desperation causes internal conflict. The need to satisfy this addiction spirals out of control. Police are closing in and are determined to infiltrate the hierarchy in an attempt to put a stop to this Illegal Activity.

Director: Sebastian Thiel
Writers: Najan Ward & Duane Palmer
Producers: Najan Ward, Duane Palmer & Sheila Nortley
Cinematographer: Amarjeet Singh


Part 1 – History from a different perspective, John Harris – Bristol

Part 1 – History from a different perspective, John Harris – Bristol
Part 1 History
Bristol talks with his message which encapsulates our true position in the world, and how we got here. Recent findings and collaboration with TPUC members & fellow researchers has allowed John to present in simple terms his understanding of Political and Regal history, Common Law, Statute Law, Contracting and much more.

Exploring Bristol’s History

Exploring Bristol’s History
This is an excerpt of a DVD produced by 1st Take. The complete film is available to order at or by calling 01454 321614. Trace Bristol’s long and fascinating history with a tour of some of the most interesting sites in the city.

From its humble beginnings as a Saxon hamlet clustered around a bridge over the River Avon, Bristol expanded to become the largest and most important city in the South West of England. Its flourishing port and diverse commercial and industrial activities have not only given Bristol a unique character, but also ensured that for many years it was known as England’s second city.

Beginning at Bristol Bridge, the story unfolds with a tour of medieval Bristol: the old city walls, Bristol Castle, the Pied Poudre Court at Old Market and the building of St Augustine’s Trench in 1247, the first major transformation of Bristol’s port facility. In 1373, Bristol was granted county status by Edward III, and just over a century later John Cabot sailed westwards from Bristol on his voyages of discovery.

Bristol’s development into a great commercial centre in the 18th century was largely dependent on the city’s participation in the gruesome Slave Trade. As Bristol continued to prosper in the Industrial Revolution, the riots of 1831 were a rude awakening. Soon afterwards, the coming of the railway led to the emergence of suburban Bristol. The expansion of the city led to the need for an improved transport system, and the tramways network had indelible links with the growth of Bristol’s aviation industry.

Although Bristol’s story is long and complex, this presentation reveals some of the most interesting events and fascinating personalities that have made the city the vibrant, cosmopolitan and forward looking place of today. You will enjoy the commentary of local historians and specialist contributors against a backdrop of historical Bristol songs, together with fascinating archive photographs and film.

Bristol with Marcus and Zoe

Bristol with Marcus and Zoe
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