Expert Analysis of SEO & Social Media Internet Marketing

Raising brand awareness and generating leads partially relies on publishing content and promoting it using social media. In this way, social media and content should work hand-in-hand in any online marketing strategy. This article takes a brief look at the various areas of social marketing including blogging, RSS feeds, social search, social bookmarking, social networking and micro blogging.

In order to understand and reap the benefits of content and social media marketing, you will need to familiarize yourself with its hierarchy. Success comes not only with publishing great content: is also comes with knowing how to increase the exposure of that content by using the various channels that are available to you. While any online marketing strategy starts with your corporate website, a large part of your social marketing and engagement with your brand online will start with your blog.

1— Blogging
Your blog is the main starting point for your brand’s journey into the lucrative world of social media. Designed to encourage conversation and keep people coming back for more, a great blog is something that people should be talking about on social media and via the comments on the blog itself. Your blog serves as the hub of your entire content strategy by providing your information-hungry audience with what they want. As the gateway to social media, your blog should be accessible, relevant and constantly updated in order to nurture your subscribers and reach out to new ones.

2— RSS Feeds
Short for Really Simple Syndication, RSS feeds allow your visitors to subscribe to your blog so that they receive updates whenever you post new content. Every blog should provide an RSS feed so that the most dedicated members of your audience can stay in the loop. Adding an RSS feed to your, blog couldn’t be simpler, particularly if you use the popular Word Press platform, which automatically generates RSS feeds. WordPress users can find their RSS feeds by adding Weed’ to their blog’s URL.

3—Social Search
In spite of revolutionizing the way in which people search web design, many companies are still failing to recognize the importance of social search. Social search engines, such as Google Social Search, allow people to receive customized results based on their browsing habits and geographical location. In order to tap into the constantly expanding social search audience, your content needs to be relevant and authoritative. Social search engines draw SEO expert data from the social network that determines a company’s reputation, such as likes, shares, reviews and ratings.

expert seo analysis

4 —Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking SEO websites serve as discovery engines that recommend websites based on interests and other criteria. People use these services to share bookmarks of WebPages and annotate and edit them. Popularized by the launch of Delicious in 2003, social bookmarking has now become an essential part of the hierarchy of social media marketing. Companies can get involved by creating profiles on sites like Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon and sharing new content as it is published. Other major social networks, such as Facebook, also facilitate bookmarking to a degree.

5 —Social Networking
Whereas social bookmarking websites have a more specific focus, it is the social networks that serve as the main platforms of communication. Facebook is by far the most popular, though Google+ and Linkedln are also too important to ignore. Like social bookmarking services, the social networks allow you to post and share content, but they are also far more conversation-orientated than social bookmarking websites. Your social networking profiles exist not only to promote your blog content, but also t o share other content and to engage in conversation with your audience.

6 —Microblogging
Twitter is the world’s number one micro blogging platform, and it is unique in that virtually everything is restricted to 140 characters. For this reason, shared links typically need to use a URL shortener in order to save space. Twitter is the ultimate platform for posting quick but important updates pertaining to your company, including updates about new content posted on your blog. Micro blogging is extremely dynamic, requiring frequent monitoring and posting as well as engagement through sharing and commenting.

Understanding the various levels of content and social marketing will help you to approach your online marketing strategy in such a way that you can reach out to the largest audience and make your content as profitable as possible. By raising awareness and encouraging engagement through great content and its promotion on social media, you’ll be able to generate leads and establish your brand as an authority in its niche.

Locksmith Bristol – The #1 Locksmiths Bristol Service

Locksmith Bristol – The #1 Locksmiths Bristol Service
Locksmith Bristol

Locksmith Bristol know that disaster can strike at any time usually when you least expect it and then you find yourself unable to get into or out of your house or business. That’s where our local Locksmith service provides all the needs you will require in case of a lock emergency.

You will need our service in several different situations:

When you are unable to enter or exit your home or business property. It’s our goal at locksmiths Bristol to gain entry of all properties with the least amount of upset and damage and drilling out your lock is a last resort. If drilling out the lock cannot be avoided then we replace it with a fair priced lock that you can afford.

What happens if you manage to lose your keys, I’m sure it’s happened in the past? We provide a mobile service that can make up new keys on the spot at any location. It’s simple and quick and can be done with the least amount of fuss for you the customer.

What if you have had your keys stolen, how do you feel safe again. Well that’s where Bristol locksmiths can replace your locks speedily so you can rest easy that your property is no longer at risk.

What about when locks get old and no longer work properly? No problem we will have them replaced and fully operational in no time at all. We are only a phone call away and will have everything working again very quickly.

We can supply all the major lock brands so you have a wide range of products to choose from and know that you are getting only the best quality products for the job. The most common types of locks to be repaired or fitted are mortice sash locks, mortice dead locks, oval cylinders, Euro cylinders, Yale type locks, mortice screw padlocks and cylinders.

Here at locksmiths in Bristol our business also offers a mobile service so we can visit your business or home address and deal with any problem you might have. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will respond to any emergency quickly and without delay.

Not only do we deal with lock repairs but our mobile service can also provide a fully comprehensive key cutting service on site. All our vans carry the equipment that allows us to provide that service for our customers no matter where they are.

If you have a lock and all that’s required is a repair then rest assured that’s all we will do as we don’t try and replace locks that don’t need replacing. In some cases the lock can be very simple to repair but in other cases it may be a bit more difficult. We assess each individual job and advice our customers on the best possible solution as all our tradesman are fully qualified locksmith that can handle any type of job.

Our service at Bristol locksmith not only works on commercial jobs but also residential jobs to. No job is too big or small and we pride ourselves on providing the same high level of quality to every job we receive. We take exactly the same approach with both types of client’s i.e. commercial businesses or a home owner and will apply the same level of quality and efficiency to each task.

Both businesses and home owners need to feel safe and it’s our job to make sure that happens. All the work we perform is compliant with insurance standards so you will never have an issue with any claim you need to make.
We here at locksmith Bristol am extremely passionate about being the best local locksmith service for our community and providing only the highest quality products and services available today.

We have been serving the community for many years and intend to be around for many more. So if you are looking for an old lock to be replaced, or your house has just been broken into and you need it secured then call us today and let us take care of all your locksmith needs here at locksmith Bristol.

Locksmith Bristol

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Stalls at Start – Bristol – 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Stalls at Start – Bristol – 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup
NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Jr. has no power at the start of the race at Bristol, stacking up the field behind him.

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Dr. Iveta Simera Deputy Director of the UK EQUATOR CENTRE

Dr. Iveta Simera
Deputy Director of the UK EQUATOR CENTRE
Leads on the development of the EQUATOR online resources and training programme while
also leading EQUATORS’ collaborative activities with the PAHO, the UK Health Research Authority, and the Global Health Network. As a member of the EQUATOR Steering Group, she
Medicine in Oxford in 2006 to help establish the EQUATOR to improve the accuracy, completeness, and transparency of health research publications to enhance the value and usefulness of published research. Iveta has a broad research and project management experience, including laboratory research, development of systematic reviews and clinical, and reporting guidelines. Iveta has a PhD degree in Plant Genetics from Charles University in Prague and a degree in Business Administration from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.
4th University Seminar Internationalization

“Universities as Agents of Change: Innovation and Socio-Economic Growth”

The 4th University Internationalization Seminar will share and discuss effective strategies in Higher Education, Research, and Innovation to contribute to the development of the Americas. Prestigious international experts from around the world will adress the audience with pertinent and updated
information on the key themes of the Seminar. The Seminar methodology will feature roundtables and a keynote presentations about the role of higher education institutions as key engines of development,
higher education innovative programs and lines of action that catalyze and increase the impact of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Role of Universities in the Achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals:
Innovative Contributions.
Social Innovations and Research for Health: An Opportunity for Universities.
Academic Mobility of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Levels in the Americas:
Creation, Expansion and Qualification of Mobility and Double Degree Programs in the Region.

March 14,2016 at the OAS General Services Building (GSB)
March 15,2016 at the Pan American Health Organization
Washington, D.C. – United States.

*RARE* Thomson Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner Landing at Bristol Airport – FIRST VISIT! (19/4/16)

*RARE* Thomson Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner Landing at Bristol Airport – FIRST VISIT! (19/4/16)
The first ever Boeing 787 to land at Bristol Airport – A Thomson Airways 787 landed today (19th April 2016) at 11:10 as part of a campaign at Bristol International Airport (BRS/EGGD) to promote Long Haul Flights from Bristol with Thomson starting Summer 2017!

Hi guys, well well well…possibly the best catch ever at Bristol simply because of its sheer size?! Prior to this the biggest aircraft that’s visited Bristol is the Boeing 767 but seeing this Boeing 787 was something else! I was so happy to be able to film this awesome moment as this beautiful Dreamliner (reg: G-TUIB “Alfie”) made an approach and landing on runway 27 before taxying to the gate. The 787 is thought to have been at Bristol as part of a campaign to promote Long Haul Flights from Bristol Airport with Thomson Airways. New routes introduced today during this launch event are Cancun and Orlando! The aircraft landed from Manchester at 11:10 and departed to London Stansted at 21:20 the same day (19/4/16).

In this video you will see the beautiful 787 holding over ‘BRI’to ensure that it landed at exactly 11:10, I guess so us spotters and the media didn’t miss it! After a few holds: one at 9,000ft, then 6,000ft, the 787 then made a final flyover/flypast at 3,000ft – this gave us an awesome view of the marvelous plane. After that flyover it broke off and began to position for an approach as you will see in the video. Shortly after it made and approach and landing onto runway 27. ATC communications are included in the video and you can hear the Bristol Airport Tower controller welcoming Thomson’s Long Haul Aircraft to Bristol. Thereafter you will see it vacate at the end of the 2011m runway before taxying right past which provided an awesome opportunity to catch the Dreamliner up close! If you’re watching in HD and fullscreen you might even see the pilot wave as he taxies past. The aircraft then pulls into the gate where it will remain all day before departing later. Bristol Airport hasn’t seen long haul flights for many years so this really is an exciting new chapter.

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○ Camcorder: Panasonic HDC-HS60
○ ATC: Uniden UBC72XLT
○ Tripod: Velbon DV-7000
○ Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 11

I hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching. Leaving a like is always welcome and appreciated. Mraviationguy.

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Thomson 787 Bristol Airport
Thomson 787 Bristol Airport
Thomson Airways 787 Dreamliner Landing Bristol Airport Today Long Haul Flights
Thomson Airways 787 Dreamliner Landing Bristol Airport Today Long Haul Flights
Thomson Airways 787 Dreamliner Landing Bristol Airport Today Long Haul Flights

UK Volunteers had a Success Work with YONECO in Malawi

UK Volunteers had a Success Work with YONECO in Malawi
YONECO and Progressio UK Volunteers came into partnership since January, 2016. The team of ICS UK based volunteers were attached to YONECO Nkhatabay office to help in the implementation of Youth SRH and R activities in different communities.

In this documentary, Progressio manager and Progressio ICS team leader recommends YONECO on the coordination of the activities within the impact areas.

Nascar SCS 2016: Food City 500, Bristol – Race Replay

Nascar SCS 2016: Food City 500, Bristol – Race Replay
2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway – Full Race Event.

The Food City 500 is an annual 500-lap, 266.5-mile (428.9 km) annual NASCAR Sprint Cup points race held at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee. This is one of two NASCAR races held at Bristol, the other being the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race, and is considered one of NASCAR’s best races. It was the first venue of the 2007 NASCAR schedule to host the fifth-generation NASCAR premiership race car, a race won by Kyle Busch.

In 2008, Bristol Motor Speedway President & General Manager Jeff Byrd requested that NASCAR move the spring race to a later Spring date, to avoid the problems with rain, snow and sleet that hit the area in late winter and early spring. This was not carried out until 2015. In 2015, the race moved from mid-March to April.

In 2011, title sponsor Food City announced it would honor former Speedway President and General Manager Jeff Byrd, who died in October 2010, by renaming the 2011 Spring race the Jeff Byrd 500 presented by Food City.

In 2015, the race was renamed the Food City 500 In Support Of Steve Byrnes And Stand Up To Cancer to support NASCAR on Fox broadcaster Steve Byrnes in his battle with cancer, in association with the Entertainment Industry Foundation.